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Meet our founder, Patrick Thomason

CEO and Founder of Flow Founders & networkfounders.com, Patrick Thomason has trail-blazed his way through the online entrepreneurial space while building lasting, high value connections with CEO's and likeminded individuals all while inspiring the next generation of founders.

Patrick started off in the low ticket affiliate marketing space beginning in 2021 then slowly moved his way up the digital marketing scene by scaling his personal TikTok to 140k followers later that year.

From the years 2022-2023 Patrick decided that knowledge was going to be his strongest leverage point. In 12 months he read 50+ marketing, sales, psychology and self-improvement books.

As the end of 2023 quickly approached Patrick utilized all the knowledge he learned reading and funneled it into building GrowthFlow Labs, a client acquisition business and


, a website built to initiate profitable entrepreneurial relationships.

Now in 2024, Patrick continues to document his journey on his personal YouTube Channel as he builds out the GrowthFlow Labs community on Skool.

The community revolves around the client acquisition build and release system where he helps B2C businesses book 30 qualified appointments per month using a proven system.

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